In this case study we’ll see how we applied a two-step print optimization process to discover hidden savings that reduced our client’s print spend by a massive 34.4%. For one of our Retail Logistics clients, we print and distribute re-usable hanging tags that identify which products go to which stores within the UK.

The plastic tags are differentiated by colour and print pattern. As part of our print management service we are always looking at ways to drive costs out of the material and print processes for our clients. In this case we identified two steps to be taken.

Firstly, the tags have to be visible and clearly identified but their exact size is not too important.
We helped to redesign the labels to get more per printed sheet, the tags weren’t significantly different but the changed produced 20% cost savings!

Secondly we looked at the tags themselves. For some time the tags had been produced by printing various patterns onto coloured plastics. The downside to this was that lead times and minimum order quantities for different colours could be considerable. For very small runs, the production costs and potential for wastage were very high. Contrac’s Print Consultant started a lengthy dialogue with the material supplier and the Print Production Manager. We concluded that we could print onto a translucent (transparent) plastic – which we buy in bulk. By printing onto one side only, the colours and pattern then show through. This meant that we could supply new tag designs in any number of colours, really quickly and with a further 18% cost saving.

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