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Sustainability is important for many reasons. Corporate social responsibility is among the most critical concerns for business owners, although many don’t know what it entails. From using sustainable paper sources to recycling and being more energy efficient, the bottom line is that if you want your business to be sustainable then you need to start thinking sustainably.


But what is ‘sustainable paper’ and why should your business be using it?


For paper to be sustainable it needs to come from a sustainable paper manufacturer. This means that the manufacturer only uses wood that comes from sustainable sources and promotes sustainable forestry practices. For example, once they cut down trees they replant them, and never cuts down more trees than the forest grows.


This also applies to environmental factors like protecting the local wildlife and habitats, and social factors such as maintaining the traditional uses of the land.


All of these considerations are guaranteed through forest certification which is a mechanism for monitoring, tracing, and labelling timber, wood, and pulp products. Thus a forestry company must adhere to an agreed series of standards that account for social, economic, and environmental practices.


Process of making sustainable paper

Sustainable paper is made from tree pulp that has been sustainably sourced and which then has water added to it. This water is then removed in a process referred to as sheet formation. The fibres then begin to spread and form into a thin mat which is then peeled from the wire mesh and pressed until its water content is around 50 percent.


It is then dried in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees centigrade in cast iron cylinders; at this point the water content is decreased to anywhere from 5 percent to 8 percent. The finished product is then wrapped into reels which can then be treated in processes like coating or calendering (a series of hard pressure rollers used to finish or smooth a sheet of paper).


Why use sustainable paper?

Even the little details matter when it comes to the overall sustainability of a business. Overlooked everyday items can have a significant environmental and social impact over time. Finding out where raw materials have been sourced is the first step to being more sustainable — and if your paper does come from a sustainable source it should be easily traceable.


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