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It’s time to put your marketing hats on for March, which promises to be a very busy month indeed. Here we are on 20th March, the official Spring Equinox, then, on the 31st of March, there are two further milestones. Firstly, the clocks go forward due to the Daylight-Saving Hours and secondly, it’s Mother’s Day!

Spring clean your sales & marketing collateral

Whichever way you look at it, March is a time to gear up a notch or two on sales and marketing campaigns because, officially at least, winter is all but over! Perhaps it’s a good time for a spring clean of all your sales and marketing collateral — it’s a great time to freshen them up, particularly if they’re now looking tired and “so last season “!

Update your imagery

With the snowdrops and daffodils already out and other flowers appearing any day, it’s a sure sign that you need to put some colour and life into your marketing literature to reflect the coming season

Flowers, sunshine, blue skies and cheery birds will be the order of the day for many marketing campaigns when it comes to imagery. Bear this in mind for pack shots, lifestyle photography and promotional illustrations because ‘mood’ and ‘feel’ are all important for marketing literature. What’s more, there will be no getting away from flowers for Mother’s Day promotions either, when it arrives on the 31st.

Make the most of the marketing milestones

If you’re in charge of marketing concepts, content and design, always try to work out how you can piggy-back the various milestones from a marketing perspective … but plan ahead or you’ll simply miss the boat!

So, the message is: make the most of every opportunity and ensure that your business or organisation looks the part for the new season.

Perfect printing for promotions

Marketing departments for shops and businesses selling lifestyle-related products or services may need to start thinking about leaflets, flyers,brochures and perhaps even catalogues to show off their new spring offerings.

Windows can also display posters and banners for any spring sales or product launches. Pubs, cafes and resturants should start thinking about displaying promotional posters too, along with hanging banners displayed outside, to announce table availability and menu prices for Mothers Day meal deals — get those tables booked up before your competitors do! Fashion and accessory stores may benefit from some ‘Spring Collection’ display graphics to announce the new season’s ranges. Service industries may also benefit from capitalising on the arrival of spring and Mother’s Day by weaving the themes into their marketing imagery, messages and sales literature. And many companies may decide to run a spring sale.

Whichever way your business decides to harness the new season and the special days of March, if you need printing services, you’ll need a reliable and affordable print management company . That’s where Contrac Print Management comes in, from flyers, brochures, booklets and catalogues to banners, posters, we can do it all — with high quality printing, fast turnarounds and highly competitive prices.

Please contact me on for further details.

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