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Since the surge of digital marketing, there is often debate about where you should spend your money and how you should split your funding between print and digital.

People generally believe that digital marketing has surpassed direct mail campaigns and printed magazines. However, although people often read online, print is still very successful. Why is this?

Well, it requires 21% less cognitive effort to process a direct mailer than it does digital media which means it’s significantly easier to understand and be memorable.

We’ve put together some pros and cons for the print v digital debate to help your business make suitable choices.

Print pros

  • Print lasts. People can keep print, reread it and are more likely to remember it. Digital marketing is much more fleeting in terms of its longevity.
  • There are many ways that you can present your information. Brochures to billboards, flyers to fact sheets – there are so many opportunities with print.
  • There is often more possibilities to create something emotive. The Guardian published a list of the over 34,000 migrants that have died on World Refugee Day and a wave of emotional responses followed.

Print cons

  • People sometimes believe that print marketing has become dated in an age where digital marketing is becoming so popular. This can be combatted by integrating the two. For example, having social media platforms that you update regularly alongside direct mail campaigns.

Digital pros

  • Cheap to run. Facebook ads can have a high ROI and have little cost.
  • Provides you with a platform to access a large audience. Nearly everyone you know will use some type of social media and this allows you to tailor your content for your target audience – as well as reaching people quickly.
  • Viral campaigns means your brand can be seen by up to thousands of people.

Digital cons

  • You’re not the only business using digital marketing. There is a lot of noise to get through and it can consume a lot of time and energy to ensure that your content isn’t just scrolled past and not being engaged with.
  • You can leave yourself vulnerable to trolls and negative responses. Digital campaigns are able to access a huge audience and the downfall of this is potential negative responses.

So what is best? At Contrac, we believe that having an integrated campaign of both print and digital marketing activity is the best way forward. Let our team help you when it comes to your print marketing campaigns so you can focus on other business decisions.

Get in touch and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss what you’re looking for in more detail.

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