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Businesses are often unaware of the impact they are having on the environment. Now is the time to assess how environmentally-friendly you are. This can be in relation to energy usage, how you deal with waste and even how you and your employees commute.

Sustainable printing and office supplies are a great way to focus on being eco-friendly and we have some tips to help you work on improving your environmental impact.

Eco-friendly postage

Even though businesses primarily use emails to communicate both internally and externally, postage is far from out-dated.

Sending packages across the globe can seriously contribute to pollution. However, it is possible to reduce this impact by being conscientious.

Choosing recycled and sustainable paper for the envelopes can be your first step to becoming environmentally friendly as well as keeping an eye out for paper and card products that meet the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certifications.

Practice green procurement

When focusing on sustainable choices, it is important to practice green procurement processes. Take time to pick goods and services that are eco-friendly, such as paper and ink. (If you wish to learn more about eco-friendly inks, read our blog post here.)

Ensure that you refrain from toxic substances and concentrate on procuring products made from renewable materials. Taking more care over the resources you use can significantly reduce the environmental impact of the business.

Sustainable printing

Introducing policies in the workplace that encourage employees to print sustainably can aid in making your printing more sustainable. For example, you can print on both sides to reduce your carbon footprint and potential wastage.

It is important to make sure that employees always think twice about printing documents. Sometimes, things don’t need to be printed at all and a digital copy or written notes will suffice. Introducing new policies can help better people’s printing habits and is the first step in becoming a sustainable business.

Simple choices such as expanding your margins on documents can also help reduce the amount of paper being used to print.

At Contrac, we have an Environmental Management System (EMS). This system means we ensure clear audible production processes can be demonstrated. Through carefully management and regularly reviewing processes we are able to reduce waste.

Let us handle your sustainable printing for you. We can focus on printing products that impress while being conscientious of the impact on the environment.

Enquire now to find out how we can help you with all your printing requirements.


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