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Barcode labels are the perfect way to keep track of stock while remaining efficient and cost-effective.

The technology is constantly developing and improving and, as a consequence, labels can be conveniently fixed to almost any surface. Due to the ease of operating a barcoding system, staff require minimal training, ultimately reducing your costs.

Want to know more? Here at Contrac we have compiled a list of six benefits for your business once you start using barcode labels.

  1. Less risk for human error. Human error is increased through systems where data has to be entered by hand. Even for the most careful of employees, the possibility of human error is still high. Barcode labels are incredibly efficient and remove this risk as all information is scanned and automatically sent to the digital system where it is then stored.
  2. Barcode labels are simple to design and print, making them very cost-effective.
  3. Barcode labels can be customised to include any information that the business owner wishes to record via the barcode. When it comes to recording and analysing this data, these labels are the quickest and most efficient way to store and access data.
  4. Control your inventory through using barcode labels. Through the data you collect, you are able to perform many administrative tasks such as tracking inventory levels, locating equipment and reduce the time spent looking for items.
  5. Barcode labels allow you to make better informed decisions. The data from barcode labels is easily accessible and ensures that you have it available when you need to make decisions. This saves you both time and money, putting you in a better position.
  6. Internal theft is common and can seriously impact inventory. Barcode labels can track assets throughout the supply chain, reducing not only the chance of administrative errors and internal theft but also ensuring there is a clear record of the last person to handle an item.

Use barcode label to track and trace your products, designed by the expert Contrac team. Our years of experience means that we can design and print the perfect barcode labels for you and your business.

Enquire here and someone from the Contrac team will get in touch with you soon.

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