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What is print on demand?

When you own a business, wastage can be very frustrating. It can be expensive if you have excess inventory that you cannot move and cause problems that you may not have anticipated previously.

Printing on demand is a growing service and is easy and convenient for start-up and new businesses.

However, what actually is print on demand? We’ve written up what it means and how you can use it in your business.

Printing on demand is a productional model that means printed materials are created as and when they are needed. It is essentially the pay as you go of the printing industry!

The service was initially used in the publishing industry in order to counteract massive overheads. Now, the benefit is that smaller businesses don’t have to spend a lot of money on large print runs. Instead, they are able to print when there is an increase in demand as opposed to having surplus stock that needs storing for the meantime.

Growing in popularity

Printing on demand has grown significantly from its initial start in the publishing industry and is now common in many sectors. This is mainly due to the amount of advantages that come with the service, especially for smaller companies.

For example, the costs that come with designing, producing and storing inventory are largely reduced as you don’t have to factor in the costs for storage space. In addition to this, there are no upfront manufacturing fees so you are also able to save on those initial costs too.

The Contrac team can help you when it comes to the benefits of print on demand.

Customise and improve

If you are printing marketing materials, such as brochures, for your business, print on demand is most likely for you.

Printing on demand gives you the ability to amend and improve the material before each production, allowing it to be customised to your needs. This is a benefit as opposed to bulk printing which may leave you with large amounts of stock that you can’t make changes to.

Do you have a large print production job that you need professional help with?

The experienced team at Contrac can help handle your printing project.

Enquire here and someone will be in contact with you to organise a consolation and how we can help you.

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